• How to undo a quick format

    • formatting just removes links to where the data is on the HDD. The data is still on the HDD, but the HDD doesn't know where it all is. It is still possible to recover what's on it, though. But there are no 100% guarantees with this. The only difference between full-formatting and quick-formatting is that full-formatting checks the HDD for bad sectors before it formats. Quick does not. To completely blank the data out on a HDD you do a low-level format, aka "zeroing out the HDD." This destroys the links as well as the data itself.

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    What is quick format

    • The so-called fast formatting, rewrites the boot record in the formatted process, does not examine the floppy disk bad bunch, in the FAT table besides a bad bunch of all table reset, the root directory table clear spatial, the data area is invariable. But the normal formatting can rewrite the boot record, inspects marks the bad bunch, other table reset, clear spatial root directory table, to data area reset. After the fast formatting's hard disk, may carry on the restoration through the technological means.

    • Tips: If you want to undo the format of a hard drive, please ensure the hard drive is not re-used or overwritten and no physically damaged.