• Dynamic Disk Recovery Tools

    • Dynamic storage is a good-news/bad-news proposition. While dynamic disks offer new powerful tools, they also have some serious limitations that aren't present with conventional disks. Many of these limits relate to backup and restoration.

    • Dynamic storage can scatter pieces of files across several disks, which means that many conventional disk imaging tools that read blocks off the disk sequentially won't capture a usable image.

    • Diskgetor Data Recovery is the emergency or final weapon to recover files under the conditions that we mentioned at the first paragraph. DiskGetor Data Recovery is powerful Hard drive Data Recovery Software. It can recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data from hard drive or partition. Even if you have written new data into that hard drive or partition, DiskGetor Data Recovery still find its directory tree from hard drive.

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    • What is the Dynamic disks?
    • Dynamic disks are a central part of Windows storage management on the Server and XP Professional platforms, but the same features that make them so powerful make them difficult for conventional disk image software and backups to handle.

      Simply put, dynamic disks offer more management flexibility without the partition limitation of conventional (or "basic" in Microsoft-speak) storage. Dynamic disks can contain an unlimited number of volumes, but they cannot contain partitions or logical drives.

      Volumes in dynamic disks can span several physical disks (spanned disks), or be striped across multiple disks for better performance (in striping, parts of the same file are physically located on multiple physical disk drives). Volumes in dynamic disks can also be mirrored or set up as a RAID 5 array. Dynamic volumes can even be confined to a single disk.

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