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    • Freedownloadscenter Editor's rating : recovery software review (Reviewer, 2009-09-14 12:37:00)
    • DiskGetor Data Recovery is all in one data recovery tool. It supports hard drive data recovery, Disk Recovery, Data Rescue and Partition Recovery.
    • Overall : This is one of the best recovery programs I have ever used. You can recover folders and files from a hard drive that is formatted, partitioned, and reloaded with an OS and all the software
    • With the power and capability of DiskGetor Data Recovery you can quickly and easily recover lost, deleted or formatted data. powerful hard drive data recovery software you are just a click away from recovering your deleted, lost, damaged, formatted data from any hard drive or partition.
    • This must have tool with amazing recovery capabilities has no better replacement.
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    • Hello :
    • I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent software. I accidentally formatted a Western Digital portable hard drive and I was able to recover almost all the data Thank you very much!!! (user : Mark 2009-7 -28 )
    • Hello.
    • I had, yes HAD, a Western Digital 500gb My Book, a USB device. I tried two other software titles in the previous seven days (Getdataback and R-Drive) to recover my data. They couldn't get thru the errors.
    • Within 90 minutes of using your software I had a full picture of which files I would be able to recover, over 350gb...likely 95%+ of what I wanted to recover.
    • Now, ten hours later, I have transferred that data new drive with DiskGetor.
    • Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!
    • Scott
    • 2009-07-10
    • Hello :
    • I was really surprised when I tried DiskGetor Data Recovery v2.0.5 because in only minutes I had, clearly marked, all the tree with subdirectories and files. Amazing !
    • 2009-7-9
    • Dear :
    • Just wanted to say this is one of the best recovery programs I have ever used, I just recovered folders and files from
      a hard drivethat had been formatted, partitioned, and reloaded with an OS and all the software.
      The job was completed in a very short time and all of the important files in the folder were in great shape.
      Thank you very much
      This is going to be a major tool in my computer store from now on!
    • American user:Mike ( 2009-7-1)
    • Dear :
    • I have recovered all the files from the formatted hard drive and all the files have been recovered. Your software is very good and thanks for the same. Once again thanks for the same.
    • user : Mahendra
    • 2009-6-12
    • Hard Drive Data Recovery review ------- Why Choose Our DiskGetor Data Recovery :
    • 1 : We have satisfied users from 130 countries in the world (include USA, Canada ,German ,France ,Spain Portugal, Indian ,Turkey, Czech, Australia, Africa etc)
    • 2 : Supports IDE,SCSI,SATA I,SATA II hard drive data recovery formats
    • 3 : Supports Windowns NT,Windowns 2000,Windowns XP,Windowns 2003,Windowns VISTA
    • 4 : Our software scan lost data speed and data recovery speed is very fast
    • 5 : Even have written part of data,our Data recovery softwre can still find its directory tree
    • 6 : It can scan FAT and NTFS directory structure during scanning
    • 7 : Its high-performance algorithms for scanning engine save your a lot of time in recovery.
    • 8 : When the format of a partition is changed,it can be recovered by the program without formatting the partition back to the original format, in turn avoiding more damages.
    • 9 : The product organizes the directory structure in the memory during scanning without chang the data in source disk.
    • 10 : It is a very safe recovery tool and unformat software
    • Friendly tips : Please do not write new files into a partition to be recovered, do not format a partition or repartition it and do not recover data into a partition to be recovered to avoid a secondary data damage. Please download our software onto a partition or disk not to be recovered before performing recovery operations
    • Partition Recovery Tips: Recover data on the lost partition only, and you can save the recovered data to another hard drive, instead of recovering partition itself.