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    • There are more than 80% people in this world who are using Windows systems. Yes, Windows systems are really powerful and easy to use. It sets nearly all default settings for users, so people don't need to set them one by one. Here comes a big problem: among these users, most of them don't know how to change Windows settings to meet their own special requirements.
    • In most cases, this won't cause any problem, however, sometimes it happens. There is a fatal one: people use “My Documents” a lot during the daily computer use, and this folder is located at system drive. Once the system is crashed, seldom users will remember there are a lot of important files in “My Documents”. So they format the system drive, and reinstall the Windows again. Or usually they use some system backup image, such as Norton Ghost, to restore system drive. And then, after the system is launched, they found nothing in “My Documents”. Till then, they knew that all the files in “My Documents” are lost. Wow, a terrible disaster.
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  • How to get these formatted files back?
  • Or if there is any possibility to recover all files after Windows reinstallation?
  • The answer is probably. Why just PROBABLY to recover files after Windows reinstallation? All data is saved in the sectors of hard drive. And once file is deleted, Windows system will mark this file as deleted. So you cannot find it any more through Windows systems.
  • So, if you formatted system drive, all the data are still on hard drive. And once you reinstalled system (Remember, Windows system is also a kind of data, it may take these sectors), you may not recover files after Windows reinstallation. But if Windows doesn't take these sectors, you can definitely recover them all.
  • Some of data recovery software declared that they can recover formatted or deleted data on hard drive. Don't trust them; the technology of data recovery is based on same one. You need to download a trial version of data recovery software (save it into non-system partition), and install it on non-system partition as well. Then run the software to check if there is any possibility that you can recover files after Windows reinstallation.
  • Unlike other data recovery software, Derescue Data Recovery Master doesn't need to reinstall. You can press the registry code into the software, and then you can get a full one. This helps you to reduce the possibility of losing more files.