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    DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE is an easy-to-use and powerful image recovery software designed exclusively for digital camera users. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE recovers deleted, formatted and lost digital photos, images and pictures from almost any types of media cards used by digital cameras.

    If images were deleted or formatted in a digital camera or a computer, or if the media is corrupted and not recognized by Windows, DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE can find lost images back for you.

    Guarantee Recover Most Lost Images
    Using our advanced SmartRecover Technology, DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE can recover images that other recovery software may not find. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE guarantees to recover most lost images from any digital camera.

    If you see any other software recovers more accurate images from a digital camera than PhotoOne Recovery, simply let us know and you will receive DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE Free. View detail.

    Preview Images In Original Size
    Seeing is believing. Images from a digital camera have thumbnails for fast previewing. Even you can see the thumbnail of an image, it still possible that the original sized images cannot be recovered.

    DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE allows you to view recovered images in original size in a trial version, so you can see all details of the wonderful images from your digital camera.

    Many other image recovery software only show you thumbnails and do not allow you save those images in a trial version, so you do not know if your original images can be recovered or not. Purchase an image recovery software that you can see and save your original images in a trial version, as DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE does.

    Save ALL Images In A Trial Version
    You can enjoy the full features of DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE in a trial version. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE trial version allows you to recover, preview and save ALL recovered images. The first image will be saved without watermark in a trial version. By purchasing a license key, you can unlock the trial software and save all images without watermark.


    Risk-free Recovery Software
    Using DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE is risk-free. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE does not write data to your original disks. Instead, the program only reads data from your media card to recover images.

    Support Media Card From Any Manufacturer
    DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE works with any type of digital card reader. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE also works with direct camera connections where your camera appearing as a drive letter in your local computer. Common media types that DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE supports include SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card, PC Card, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital Card, floppy disks, and other medias.


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    DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE is a data recovery software designed to restore accidentally lost files. This tool can recover files from deleted and formatted partitions or create disk images for deferred recovery. The program is optimized for digital image recovery. Built-in algorithm allows to search for specific file types, including digital media files, if any system information about them is lost. DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE can analyze all disk data and compare found information with the chosen file type layout. That helps to recover image files even in the most troublesome cases.
    DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE specific features for image recovery:

    In-depth disk scanning for image files, including specifications by camera manufacturers.

    Recovers lost or deleted images from: CompactFlash, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, miniSD, MultiMediaCard MMC, SD Card, SmartMedia, xD Picture Card, CDR / CDRW, PDA, DVD / DVD RW, Zip Disk, Hard Disk, PCMCIA PC, Floppy Disk, Micro Drive, any compact flash devices.

    Can recover media files in all formats, including: RAW, JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF, RiFF, TIFF, AVI, PNG, BMP, MPEG, MOV, WAV, MIDI, QuickTime, etc.

    With DERescue IMAGE recovery SOFTWARE you can browse the content of your disk like you do it in Windows Explorer. The only difference is that you see deleted files and folders along with the regular ones. The program can search for files by name or mask and show the probability of successful recovery for each file. Recovered files can be saved to any disks accessible on your system.

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    • Deleted recovery
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    • Recovers deleted files
    • Recovers lost partitions.
    • Recovers Repartitions
    • Recovers formatted partitions

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    • Brothersoft Editor:

    • DERescue is a very powerful software to recover lost data. Please do not write any data to the partition or disk that you want to recover
    • User Reviews
    • Strengths: It worked to recover the data I deleted from my external USB backup drive after my computer crashed.

    • Overall Evaluation: Overall it worked. I downloaded it and scanned to find data, and it did it. Before I could recover anything, I had to register it. That ment paying $60 to get the registration key. I think it was well worth the money.

      Reviewed by: jim

    • from pcword 12-21-2008