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  • Recovering disked Files

    We recommend strong data recovery software (DERescue Data Recovery Master) help you recovering/repair/restore the files from fdisk hard drives


    now you must know this abou HDD

    Important Items

    As you use the Data Recovery Wizard and read this user manual, you will come across terms with which you may not be familiar. So we've compiled the following list of definitions as follows:

    Dynamic Disk

    A Dynamic disk is a physical disk that provides features the basic disks do not have, such as support for volumes spanning multiple disks. Dynamic disks use a hidden database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and other dynamic disks in the computer. Dynamic disk management is a data/Hard Disk management method on Microsoft Windows platforms, first introduced with Windows 2000 Operating System. The basic concept was put to use on UNIX platforms years earlier. There are five types of Dynamic volumes: Simple Volume, Striped Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, and RAID-5 Volume.


    It is the short form of "Hard Disk Drive", a HDD helps to manage the transfer of data to and from your computer's Hard Disk. Because these two items always come as a single unit and "Hard Disk" are usually used to refer to the same thing.

    Bad Device

    This is the storage device that contains the data you want to recover. A Bad Device can be any disk-like storage media, such as your computer's Hard Disk, an external HDD, Flash card or any other form of removable media.

    Good Device

    This is a storage device that is in perfect working order onto which you want the Data Recovery Wizard to save the data recovered from the Bad Device. The Good Device may be located on the computer where you've installed the Data Recovery Wizard (the "host" computer). The Good Device can be any of the storage media listed for the Bad Device. The Good Device is used to save recovered data from the Bad Device

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    Now if you any problem ,you can see it DERescue Data Recovery Master FAQ,if you don't find your answer in there ,please contac us we will contact you as soon as quickly


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    Recovery software reviews


    • Brothersoft Editor:

    • DERescue is a very powerful software to recover lost data. Please do not write any data to the partition or disk that you want to recover
    • User Reviews
    • Strengths: It worked to recover the data I deleted from my external USB backup drive after my computer crashed.

    • Overall Evaluation: Overall it worked. I downloaded it and scanned to find data, and it did it. Before I could recover anything, I had to register it. That ment paying $60 to get the registration key. I think it was well worth the money.

      Reviewed by: jim

    • from pcword 12-21-2008