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    • The Word document is our most commonly used in a file format, regardless of the office or private affairs, we like to use the word to write. Meanwhile, most accustomed to write something on the computer desktop. Worked so hard to finish a document on the desktop, accidentally thrust the word document deleted when deleting other files must be very worried. Here, we introduce you to a way to avoid such troubles, of course, this method can also restore the partition desktop other than the word file - word file recovery. Word document deleted before a new file is not stored in the word document is there on our hard disk. As long as we use the correct method is intact recovery back. word file is deleted, we should immediately stop stop any partition of word file stored in the new file, especially is taboo.
    • Download DiskGetor Data Recovery restore software, with reference to the deleted files how to recover this tutorial step by step operation. When the scan is finished, we search the upper-left corner of the search box in the software, enter the word file extension "doc". As shown below Found after searching the word document will be deleted highlighted in yellow in the form displayed. We find that they need to recover word file, playing in front of check on. Then other steps with deleted files how to restore tutorial. the word file recovery is not difficult, just in word files lost after easily stored in the new file will not pay attention to word document destruction Also, after the word file is missing, a lot of people did not find a suitable word file recovery software, there is no to find the right word file recovery methods. So, when you look at to understand this article, may wish to share with your friends, classmates colleagues, it is too common a word file recovery methods are especially important because the word file is missing.
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