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    • A couple of days ago, I used Derescue Data Recovery Master to recover my photos from my digital camara. I am really appreciated about this APP. Let me tell you this experience about recovering my photos.
      During the tour to Tibet, I took nearly 130 photos in this trip. My camera is Cannon PowerShot G10. It is really a good one to take photos like the landscape of Tibet. After returned my home, lots of friends asked me to show their my photos. As a USB card, I plugged in their computers one by one. They are so astonished by these beautiful pictures. However, several computers later, I found that the computer notified me that my digital camera was not formatted yet.
      At the first moment, I didn’t realize that my photos on digital camera were lost, I thought there may something wrong with their computer. However, after I tried on some other computers, including my own computer, none of them can recognize it. I finally knew that there was something wrong with my digital camera card, and there was big possibility that my photos were lost.
      If I couldn’t recover my photos on this digital camera, there will be meaningless of my trip to tibet. I need to recover my photos, and save them on my computer, or even upload them to websites. But I am not sure if I can get my photos back.
      At first, I asked questions on Yahoo answers. There was no answer at all. I couldn’t wait anymore, so I asked Google immediately. I searched “how to recover my photos on digital camera?” After a long check, I saw Derescue Data Recovery Master. And then I downloaded the trial version of this photo recovery software, and scan my digital camera card. Fortunately, I got a full list of photos. This photo recovery software asked me to get a license for full features; otherwise I could only recover photos within 64KB. So I ordered this photo recovery software immediately. And it really recovered my photos.
      ------- Adam Author
      Yes, this is the true experience of our user, Derescue Data Recovery Master can recover deleted, formatted or lost photos from hard drive, external hard drive, digital camera card, USB, etc. No matter why your photos lost, if you didn’t write any new data into these storage devices, your photos will be definitely recovered.
      You may try Derescue Data Recovery Master now. If it can recover photos, you may order it here.
  • Friendly tips: Please do not write new files into a partition to be recovered, do not format a partition or repartition it and do not recover data into a partition to be recovered to avoid a secondary data damage. Please download our software onto a partition or disk not to be recovered before performing recovery operations
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  • DERescue is a very powerful software to recover lost data. Please do not write any data to the partition or disk that you want to recover
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  • Strengths : It worked to recover the data I deleted from my external USB backup drive after my computer crashed.
  • Overall Evaluation: Overall it worked. I downloaded it and scanned to find data, and it did it. Before I could recover anything, I had to register it. That ment paying $60 to get the registration key. I think it was well worth the money. Reviewed from pcworld
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