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    • Why need to data recovery software?
    • Everybody will keep a fire extinguisher in their own house, in order to protect you from suffering fire disaster. Is there anyone who rushes to shop for fire extinguisher after the fire burned? So it is the same reason why you need to install data recovery software before data loss.
    • There are usually 4 conditions which may lead data loss:
    • 1. Computer users get used to partition hard drive into two partitions, one is for system, and another one is for data storage. However, there is an objection of Windows systems: after you installed Windows system, the default directory of “My Documents” is located at system drive, which means once you saved files in “My Documents“, all these files are in system drive. Once your system is crashed, how can you transfer all files from system drive to another one? This is a big question especially for laptop users, because they can’t plug out hard drive, and reconnect it to another computer.
      2. Sometimes, computer users delete files, and let them go directly into “Recycle Bin“, and then empty “Recycle Bin”. Or use “Shift” + “Delete”, the deleted file won’t go “Recycle Bin”, and it will disappear immediately. Under this kind of circumstance, if you wrongly deleted an important file or directory, you should use data recovery software to recover deleted files immediately.
      3, After System was crashed, people usually format the system drive, and wanna reinstall system. Before reinstall system, they happen to know there are some important files in system drive. They need to recover files after formatted.
      4, there are viruses around the world. Some damned viruses automatically delete files on hard drive, or even format hard drive. Then how to get these files back? Data recovery software still.

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  • Why need to install data recovery software before data loss?
  • Upon 4 reasons why you need data recovery software, the only phenomenon is your files have gone. Once these files disappeared on hard drive, you should stop every operation which might write any new data onto hard drive. The disappeared files actually are still on hard drive, waiting new data overwrite them. Windows system gives them a mark that they are deleted or formatted, so Windows system won’t take them as files. But they are still there. So you need to stop any operation to get new data overwrite those lost data.
    That’s the reason why I ask you to install data recovery software before data loss. To install data recovery software means write new data onto hard drive, your lost data may be overwritten by data recovery software installation.
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  • Which data recovery software is the best data recovery software?