• DERescue data recovery master is a best damaged Partition recovery software for recover files from damaged Partition (FAT12/ fat 16/fat 32 partition, NTFS repartition, NTFS5 partition)
    • function :
    • Rebuilding partition. To damaged or deleted partition table, if you use partition table rebuild tool to build or format partition, it is easily to damage FAT of the primary partition or MFT, increasing more recovery difficulty.
    • In many cases, when partition was damaged, the customer didn’t turn to the professor until they handled it with several partition tools. We find that those partition tools have damaged some important directory files, or caused directory partial-recovery, or caused big files unrecoverable. However, these files could have been recovered completely. First, the professional data recovery worker locates the partition table(logic sector number) before rebuilding it. Second, he checks some important parameters of partition by sector-checking-tool, such as DBR/FAT/FDT/MFT ect.. After this, he repairs partition table.
    How to recover data
  • Featuer Funtion
  • Partition recovery software :
  • FAT12/ fat 16/fat 32 partitions recovery, NTFS partitions recovery, NTFS5 partitionsrecovery
  • Function: Solve problems above with DERescue Data Recovery Master :
  • It can recover deleted folders and repaire partition missing due to deletions, formattings, after formatted
  • It can recover deleted partition,deleted folders and restore repartition,
  • It can recover lost partition,deleted folders and restore partition table damages,
  • It can recover formatted partition,deleted folders and restore Ghost misoperations
  • It can recover ghost partition,deleted folders and restore damages by viruses.
  • Friendly tips: Please do not write new files into a partition to be recovered, do not format a partition or repartition it and do not recover data into a partition to be recovered to avoid a secondary data damage. Please download our software onto a partition or disk not to be recovered before performing recovery operations