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    • After wrong deletion, formatting partitions or virus affecting, people lost their important docx files. These docx files contain a lot of important data, including tables, pictures, characters which cost weeks’ work. Most of them don’t know the deleted or formatted docx files can be recovered, some of them try to start a new one, wasting a lot of time; some of them ask: “Is there any possibility to get docx recovery?” The answer is YES.

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  • Why the deleted or formatted docx files can be reocvered?

  • Windows system marks docx for deletion and removes them from the file system database after you delete them. This doesn't mean that docx is immediately disappeared. As a matter of fact, all that initially happens when you deleted docx is that Windows makes notes that the space occupied by this docx is listed as available spaces for storing new information. Until some new data is written to the part of the drive where that docx was stored, which menas your docx is still there. Depending on how many sectors that docx occupies, pieces of the docx could exist on your drive for quite a long time. If you deleted the docx recently, there's an very chance you will recover docx, especially if you haven't downloaded a bunch of new files or created several gigabytes of data. The trick is finding the right software to get them back.

  • Best deleted or formatted docx recovery solution

  • For simple recovery of deleted docx, one of the easiest solutions is Derescue Data Recovery Master. This application works by scanning your hard disk sector by  sector, and then copying docx to space on your hard drive where the operating system has marked as free disk space. When you are running a scan with Derescue Data Recovery Master, it may find thousands of files on your hard drive, most of which are temporary files deleted when your browser cache is emptied. The "Search" options make it easy to identify files by filename if you already know what you're looking forThere are some related articles that teach you how to use Derescue Data Recovery Master to recover lost docx.
    However, there are something you need to note: 1, try to recover deleted or formatted docx immediately, otherwise this docx is under the danger of being lost totally; 2, don’t install Derescue Data Recovery Master at the partition where your lost docx locates.
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